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Frequently Asked Questions


  • From where can I purchase the game?

    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is available on several platforms! 

    You can either play on Computer (Windows, Mac, Linux), or on Mobile Devices (iOS, Android).


    1. Steam 
    2. GoG 
    3. Google Play 
    4. Apple Store 
  • Where do I find this game server inside of the game?

    You will find the game server on the official multiplayer servers list from the game app.

    Search by name or players count, and you will find A Dawn of Heroes in the list.

  • How can I direct connect to ADOH?

    Server IP: 

    To setup a shortcut to connect to the server directly create a desktop shortcut and enter in the target line +connect The same process can be used if using the GoG client, just locate the nwmain.exe in the install folder. 

    One downside to this if using Steam is that it will bypass workshop content, and it won’t be loaded.

  • Why is the server password protected?

    The server gets password protected before AND after each reboot. Just wait for the reboot to happen (it only takes a few minutes), and you will be able to log back in.

  • I am lagging! Is the server not powerful enough?

    Lag is client side 99% of the times. That 1% of chance where lag is server side, you will notice since everyone connected will be feeling it. 

    Client side lag can happen for several reasons:

    1. Problems in the network infrastructure between you and the server
    2. Local packet loss
    3. Etc.

    Try to check your connection by making a Speed Test and a Packed Loss Test first.

    You can try to use a VPN to solve the networking issue, if it persists.

  • I am lagging / crashing / being booted every time i try to load a specific area, how can I solve?

    Consider to remove any custom content from steam workshop. 

    Most of the times, any kind of content bringing in new textures or appearances will slow down your game to a point of heavy lag, depending on your machine hardware, and on the quality of the pack in the workshop (some packs are very poorly optimized!).

    If your issue is performance related, try adjusting your game graphic settings.

    Open the game’s Video Settings under OPTIONS>>GAME OPTIONS>>GRAPHICS:

    1. Under Advanced Frame-Buffer Effects, uncheck Ambient Occlusion and restart the game for the new setting to take effect. 
    2. Under Frame Limiter, check the box labeled enabled
    3. Under Lighting, turn off Enhanced Lighting
  • I am booted right after i try to login with any character, what is the problem?

    You have changed your Player Name into something different from the one that is stored on our database (it gets stored at your very first login). 

    Change your Player Name via game menu, and try again. 

    To change it: 

    • If you are prompted to insert your Player Name on multiplayer login, set the name you saw on the kick message. 
    • If you are not prompted, go in: Options – Game Option – Multiplayer – Change: Client Identity Name, then press “save”
  • Where is the server hosted?

    OHV Server Hosting Services, Canada, Dedicated Machine with i7 QuadCore CPU, 32GB RAM and SSD. Linux Ubuntu 22.04, using Docker.

  • What is the current game server version?

    We are currently on the latest stable release (8193.35.40)

  • When does the ADOH game server reset? Is there an daily schedule?

    Server resets daily, usually at 1PM Central European Time.

    An admin could reset it at a different hour to push an update or to solve a temporary issue.

Game Related

  • Where can I see all ADOH custom features and content?

    You are in the right place! Our website contains all the systems, customizations and guides you will need to see!

    head to our documentation page

  • Can i test my build before playing a normal character?

    You can! We have a complete test system, where you can go to test your builds and strategies, before facing the difficulties of our world!

    Check this page to know more.

  • How can I delete a character?

    Check our documentation page!

  • What is a Vengeful item?

    Any lootable item can be randomly upgraded into a Vengeful item. A vengeful item will have one of it's current properties powered up, or can have a new property added. The power of the upgrade or of the new added property is random.

    To read more, check our docs page .

  • How can I change my alignment?

    You can change from Good/Neutral towards Evil by killing friendly common NPCs.

    If you need a complete alignment change, you will have to head in Castle Glendario (an area reachable from all races, from all major cities).

    There, you will speak with an NPC, and with a donation of 25 Boss Tokens, he will allow you to switch alignment.

  • Are there any builds limitations?

    None, you are free to build whatever you want. 

    Still, there will be some builds that are impossible to be played without an alignment change.

Contributions & Donations

  • Can I donate to help the development of the game?

    Yes! We are all volunteers, working during our free time, trying to give you something unique to play in! 

    Anything you can spare will be really appreciated. Check our official donations page!

  • I want to help and join the ADOH team! How?

    All our open positions are availabe on our Discord focus, in this channel.

    If you have more questions, contact us on our official Discord forum